The Cemetery

Not known to all parishioners, but in addition to the cemetery at the St Giles church, there is a ‘remote’ cemetery off Frylands Lane/ Wineham Lane. This cemetery is home to copious wild flowers and is bounded on three sides by mature indigenous woodland that creates an ambience very appropriate to its purpose. The Council manages ground cover and trees to maintain both the ambiance and access.

The Cemetery was created in 1888 when the cemetery at St Giles Church was nearing capacity. In 1897 the Ordinance Survey described the small chapel at the cemetery as a Nonconformist Mortuary Chapel. It is understood that it was built to provide for pauper funerals.

Recent surveys revealed that the historic chapel was suffering from structural distress with wide cracks opening in the walls. To ensure the aesthetics and structural integrity of the building it was decided to undertake immediate repairs in 2015/16 as further delay would have added to the costs of maintaining the building.


If you would like further information on burials at the cemetery please contact the clerk via email on



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