Shermanbury Parish’s Design Statement. Can you help with its creation?

Shermanbury Parish’s Design Statement. Can you help with its creation?

Following on from Wineham and Shermanbury’s Neighbourhood Plan (WASP) being passed by Horsham District Council (HDC) and becoming legally part of the Horsham District Plan, the Parish Council would like to enlist two parishioners to help with the next phase of work, developing the Parish Design Statement. We would particularly like help from those who have architectural or building surveying experience in the field of conservation. But if you feel you have other related experience then please let us know.

To put this request in context, now that we have a formally ‘made’ the Neighbourhood Plan, any planning application for development submitted to HDC, whether for minor alterations or more substantial builds, must address the Policies laid out in the WASP.

In common with most neighbourhood plans, one of these Policies stipulates that “any development must respect and reflect positively the setting of the Parish”, so we have to describe, in a design statement, those criteria that define “the setting of the Parish”. The Design Statement will then be referred to by HDC’s planning officers and its planning committee whenever planning applications are considered, as well as providing guidance to those submitting planning applications.

Information on the content of a Design Statement is available on the parish website (

If you feel you have the background to help please contact Shermanbury’s Parish Clerk at

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