Parish Council meeting minutes 30th November 2015


80.15 Persons Present and Apologies for Absence
Present: Cllr C Whitton, Cllr T Brown, Cllr P Lightburn, Cllr G White, and Clerk D Langston.
Also present: Cllr J Chowen, Horsham District Council, and Cllr L Barnard West Sussex County Council, four members of the public.
Apologies received from: Cllr V Harrison and Cllr R Clarke

81.15 Declaration of Members Interests – None declared

82.15 Public Forum – Council were addressed by a representative of Mr & Mrs. Teague regarding planning applications DC/15/2510 and DC/15/2511 Springlands Barn. Applicant feels that works carried out have been done sympathetically and to a high standard and would like Council to support these applications.

83.15 Approval of the previous PC meeting minutes held on 28th September 2015 Minutes were approved and in the absence of the Chairman were signed by the Vice Chairman.

84.15 Report from WSCC Cllr L Barnard – Council were advised that Mr Andy Pledge has now left as Highways Officer and will be replaced by Mr Paul Stanford.

Confirmation was received that any S106 monies should be put towards a project that it can be shown is required as a direct result of the development, which gave rise to the contribution.

The recent West Sussex County Council Parish Lunch was very successful. Shermanbury were not included on this occasion having been in attendance at a previous event.

A recent meeting of the Standards Committee has seen two new members elected one from Henfield and the other from Broadbridge Heath.

Cllr Barnard asked that thought be given to ways or events that may be held to celebrate the birthday of HM Queen Elizabeth during 2016. This item will be discussed at a future meeting. Action ongoing.

Council questioned how best to proceed with the tidying up of the hedgerows/grass verges within the Parish which have become very unsightly. Consideration was given to the possibility of planting along the A281. Clerk will make contact with the new Highways Officer to request a meeting to discuss these issues. Action ongoing.

85.15 HDC Cllr J Chowen – confirmation was given that the Horsham District Planning Framework passed inspection on 19th November 2015 and is now legally recognised. The District Plan will strengthen village/local plans although it does still make reference to a possible large scale settlement in the future.

Devolution is taking a big step forwards with Cornwall looking to be the first to have devolved powers approved. Locally we have three counties looking at devolved powers namely, East Sussex, West Sussex and Surrey. It is hoped this would give greater control over Infrastructure, and Housing Development.

As part of the Budget proposals a rise in the cost of some local services is expected primary rises will almost certainly be seen in Green Waste facilities and the Police Precept although HDC have committed to not raising costs above inflation. Dinosaur Island has recently won an award on both Environmental and Regeneration grounds. Council congratulated Cllr Chowen on his part in this scheme.

86.15 Neighbourhood Plan (WASP) update – Cllr Brown confirmed the latest Draft of the Neighbourhood Plan and the Sustainability Appraisal have now been reviewed by Horsham District Council who have confirmed they are happy with the documents. Council resolved to adopt the Draft Neighbourhood Plan WASP and the accompanying Sustainability Appraisal and commence the Regulation 14 public consultation which will be between Monday 7th December 2015 and Monday 25th January Copies on the plan will be left at venues throughout the parish and neighbouring parishes with residents also able to either download a copy from the Parish website or request a postal copy via the Clerk. Posters and articles in local magazines will be employed to increase awareness. The Clerk will also inform all residents who have asked to be kept informed by email of where the documents can be obtained or viewed. .
To ensure the aims and policies of the WASP, which reflect local opinion, are the subject of ongoing council plans a sub-committee was proposed by Cllr Lightburn to make recommendations to council. Action ongoing.

87.15 To discuss Planning and Enforcement Matters to include any planning applications received since production of the Agenda.
DC/15/2510 Springlands Barn, Frylands Lane. Retrospective application for conversion of barn to single residential dwelling. (Full application)
DC/15/2511 Springlands Barn, Frylands Lane. Retrospective application for conversion of barn to single residential dwelling. (Listed Building Consent)

Council appreciates that we must work with Horsham District Council in order to ensure we retain the heritage of our listed buildings. In this instance due to the nature of the application they resolved to defer the decision to the District Council who it was felt would have staff more experienced in dealing with the complexities surrounding these buildings.

Cllr Chowen, Cllr Barnard and all members of the public left the meeting at this point.

Council resolved to object to both the Diversion Order (No. 2382) and the Extinguishment Order (No. 2384). The grounds for objection are based on the fact that as this path is commonly used by local residents the proposals would add significant distance to their journey. Council feel that the diversion suggested is excessive and would recommend a shorter diversion still allowing privacy to the applicant be applied for.

88.15 Parish Matters
• Wineham Lane Fingerpost, following confirmation that this item was removed following an accident Clerk confirmed that the period for any insurance claim has now expired. Clerk will contact WSCC Highways to ensure that they did not remove this item from site. Action Clerk .

• Entrance Fences –Clerk has spoken to Bolney PC who have recently erected these gates to obtain costing. Council agreed there are several items which need to be resolved throughout the parish including dog fouling, hedgerows and the upkeep of grass verges. Cllr White will draw up a list of items ready for the next meeting. Action Cllr White/Clerk.

• Kent Street and Wineham Lane. Cllr Lightburn confirmed works have commenced in Kent Street with Carillion covering 300 metres per week. Once Kent Street has been completed they will then progress to Wineham Lane. Clerk confirmed a change of Highways Officer has meant previous correspondence received by a member of the public regarding sunken areas of the highway remains ongoing. Clerk will continue to liaise with Highways and request a site meeting to discuss these items. Action Cllr Lightburn and Clerk.

• Chapel restoration is almost complete with just a few minor items outstanding. Council will need to consider remedial works to the entrance of the cemetery in the future. Action ongoing.

• Rampion Windfarm have offered Community Benefits to the four local parishes affected by the works. These monies are expected to be administered by a Trust Company although no official paperwork has yet been received. Action ongoing.

89.15 Councillor Vacancy. Clerk confirmed due to the resignation of Cllr C Parr there are now two vacancies for Councillors. Formal notification will be put onto the noticeboards on 1st December any interested parties should contact the Clerk and an informal meeting will then be arranged with other Council members.

90.15 Finance and Administration
• Council resolved to accept the insurance renewal however this will be reviewed on a yearly basis.
• Council resolved to accept the Draft Discretion Policy for Local Government Pension Scheme.
• Confirmation of account balances was given.
• Discussion regarding the proposed budget took place. Clerk will amend and send to all Council.
Confirmation of Cheques for signature or raised since last meeting:
£588.75 WSCC Invoice 8001115195
£43.85 WSCC Invoice 8001115903
£35.00 IOC Commissioner
£260.00 E.M Jones 20051
£2752.80 DowsettMayhew Invoice 2015-240
£599.37 Came & Company Insurance Renewal
£36.00 D Langston NBP Expenses

91.15 Date of future meetings:
14th December 2015
25th January 2016
21st March 2016
31st May 2016 – Annual Meeting
1st August 2016
26th September 2016
28th November 2016
12th December 2016

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