Parish Council meeting minutes 28th September 2015

Minutes of Shermanbury Parish Council Meeting held Monday 28th September 2015 at 7.00pm in the Peacock Rooms at the Royal Oak Pub in Wineham.


71.15 Persons Present and Apologies for Absence
Present: Cllr V Harrison, Cllr T Brown, Cllr P Lightburn, Cllr G White, Cllr C Whitton and Clerk D Langston.
Also present: Cllr J Chowen, Horsham District Council, and Cllr L Barnard West Sussex County Council.
Apologies received from: Cllr C Parr and Cllr R Clarke

72.15 Declaration of Members Interests – None declared

73.15 Approval of the previous PC meeting minutes held on 27th July 2015 Minutes approved and signed by the Chairman.

74.15 Report from WSCC Cllr L Barnard – Confirmation that a discussion on changes to governance arrangements for developer contributions will be held at the next CLC meeting on 30th September 2015 at Henfield Hall, Coopers Way commencing at 7:00 pm. Local Parish Councils will be given the opportunity to raise questions regarding these changes in order to highlight areas that need clarification. Action T Brown
Council were advised of recent staffing changes which see Cali Sparks will take on a new role to primarily assist communities on projects that focus on Economy and Place across the whole County. The replacement for Cali Sparks will be Dean Wadey. Andy Pledge will now become our new Highways Officer.

Cllr Barnard has been involved with HDC on recent Growth Plan discussions however these seem to mainly relate to Horsham Town Centre. Correspondence has been sent to relevant parties requesting more consideration be given to the impact of the Growth Plan on rural areas.

The recent Shoreham disaster was attended by local emergency services that provided an outstanding service. It has been confirmed that all documents and letters of condolence will be preserved at the Records Office, Chichester.
HDC Cllr J Chowen – updated on the provision of a new £12 million sports centre and leisure facility to be built at Broadbridge Heath. Over the next four years Cllr Chowen wants to work on various aspects of Health and Wellbeing with local residents being encouraged to exercise in order to reduce their risk of Dementia, Diabetes and Heart Disease.

Henfield Neighbourhood Plan recently had the referendum postponed at late notice due to a challenge relating to a possible prejudicial review.

Council raised query over HDC policy in relation to listed buildings. There are several listed buildings within the parish falling into disrepair Council asked what the policy was of returning these buildings to listed building, useful state in order to preserve the heritage of the sites. Cllr Chowen confirmed commencement of a working group on Heritage, Listed Buildings, Planning which will now have empathy with heritage issues. Further details of this group will be emailed shortly.

Cllr Chowen and Cllr Barnard left the meeting at this point.

75.15 Neighbourhood Plan (WASP) update – Cllr Brown confirmed the latest Draft of the Neighbourhood Plan has been sent to Dale Mayhew. Modifications will be made and document amended to ensure correct profile. The sustainability Appraisal is currently being completed. Following discussions surrounding CiL implications and the possible need to include in the NBP this item will be highlighted to Dale Mayhew for guidance. Cllr Brown has put together a draft foreword Council need to clarify who this should be signed by. Action on going.

76.15 To discuss Planning and Enforcement Matters to include any planning applications received since production of the Agenda – No planning applications were received. Clerk confirmed that recent enforcement issues had been discussed with HDC and remained an ongoing matter.

77.15 Parish Matters
 Wineham Lane Fingerpost confirmation has been received that following an accident at the site the fingerpost was removed. Council will look into this item in liaison with the local PCSO and relevant insurance company. Action Clerk
 Community Speedwatch programme is still being considered. Clerk is waiting for confirmation from local PCSO. Once clarification received an article will be submitted to local magazines to highlight the voluntary
project. Action Cllr Whitton, Cllr Brown and Clerk
 Wheelie Bin Speed Restriction Stickers – Clerk confirmed our local PCSO will try to source these on our behalf. Action Clerk.
 Entrance Fences –WSCC Highways department have offered to assist. Their suggestion has been to look into using volunteers to erect these fences and/or to arrange to have these made ourselves. Action Clerk.
 Kent Street and Wineham Lane. Cllr Lightburn raised the issue of continuing problems with these areas following recent works by Carillion in relation to Bolney Substation. Correspondence was also received by a member of the public regarding sunken areas of the highway. Clerk will liaise with Cllr Lightburn and contact both Highways and the resident in question. Action Cllr Lightburn and Clerk.
 Cemetery Hedge appears to be dying due to a large tree impacting on the area. The closest neighbour has requested funding to replace missing areas. Council resolved in principle they had no objections a budget of up to £300 was agreed. Cllr Whitton and Cllr White will attend the site to review. Action Cllr White and Cllr Whitton. Additional land at Cemetery Clerk has liaised with Mr J Downs and will try to make contact with the relevant parties. Action Clerk
 Chapel restoration will commence shortly with Mr P MCBride being the successful tender.

78.15 Finance and Administration
The Council agreed to join the Local Government Pension Scheme, as administered by West Sussex County Council, and all employed members of staff will be given the opportunity to join.
Clerk updated council on the recently received external audit report.
Confirmation of account balances was given. Clerk will email an updated balance sheet to Council.

Confirmation of Cheques for signature or raised since last meeting:
£588.75 WSCC Invoice 8001104424
£350.11 McKellenStarling Associates Cost Assessment
£120 PKF Littlejohn LLP
£588.75 WSCC Invoice 8001109376
£36.66 HDC Invoice 5139171
£19.73 D Langston NBP Expenses

79.15 Date of future meetings:
30th November 2015
14th December 2015
25th January 2016
21st March 2016
31st May 2016 – Annual Meeting
1st August 2016
26th September 2016
28th November 2016
12th December 2016

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