Parish Council meeting agenda 14th December 2015


1. Persons Present and Apologies for Absence

2. Declaration of Members Interests

3. Public Question Time. Members of the public are invited to put questions or to draw relevant matters regarding items on the Agenda to the Council’s attention for ten minutes prior to the commencement of business.

4. Approval of the previous PC meeting minutes held on 30th November 2015

5. Matters arising from previous Minutes not covered elsewhere on the Agenda

6. Neighbourhood Plan update

7. To discuss Planning and Enforcement Matters to include any planning applications received since production of the Agenda

8. Parish Matters
8.1 Queens Birthday Celebration 12th to 15th May 2016
8.2 To consider items for WSCC Highways Meeting on 15th December 2015

9. Finance and Administration
Confirmation of Cheques for signature or raised since last meeting.
£588.75 WSCC Invoice 8001126432
£7500.00 Paul McBride Building Contractor Invoice 0690
£36.66 HDC Invoice 5205735
£93.00 HDC Invoice 5210364
£27.39 D Langston Expenses
To raise any further payments received since production of Agenda

10. Date of future meetings:
25th January 2016
21st March 2016
31st May 2016 – Annual Meeting
1st August 2016
26th September 2016
28th November 2016
12th December 2016

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